Luminara Battery Operated Candles

Luminara is a candle for everywhere. An attractive, realistic flame effect candle which can be placed anywhere, without the worry or risks associated with real candles.

Ribbonwick Candles

Ribbonwick candles create a mesmerizing ribbon-like flame.  As the candle light dances across a pool of highly scented wax it creates an intriguing ambiance unlike any other candle on the market.

Any candle can light a room.  New Ribbonwick candles transform the room

 by engaging your senses with a hypnotic flame and sophisticated scents.

Featured Products

    Pine Peaks

Call of the Loon Clock

Beautifully photographed loons make this 8" clock an attractive addition to any room.  Hear a beautiful Common Loon song hourly.  A light sensor keeps it quiet at night.  

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